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#pattern #floral #bangkok (at Jim Thompson Bangkok)

at Jim Thompson Bangkok

Ang kagalang galang na conyong jeje forever. Happy twenty something birthday. Just be thankful, you are worthy and deserving. Hugs.

Mawisikan naman sana kami ng libre mo. Thanks

Miss you kahit pangit ka. What’s new.

Hello #Tourist … I took an unflattering photo of you. #yum #Thailand #Elephant

at Floating Market Thailand

Unrequited love may be painful, but it is safely painful, because it does not involve inflicting damage on anyone but oneself, a private pain that is as bitter-sweet as it is self-induced.
Alain de Botton (Essays in Love)
Was I better than Cloe because I loved her? Of course not, for though my love for her included sacrifices, I had made them because it made me happy to do so, I had not martyred myself, I had acted only because it accorded so perfectly with my inclinations, because it was not a duty.
Essays in Love, Alain de Botton (via vivelamours)
Perhaps it is true we do not really exist until there is someone to see us existing, we cannot properly speak until there is someone there who can understand what we are saying, in essence, we are not wholly alive until we are loved.
Alain de Botton, from Essays in Love (via platonicloser)

at Dream World Thailand

Tagging @maharlikhaila because this is her favorite. (at Dream World Thailand)

#TheManWhoCantBeMoved. Literally. (at Dream World Thailand)

#TajMahal #Miniature (at Dream World Thailand)

at Bangkok Thailand

Hey woman, I took a photo of you. #Thailand #Tourist #FloatingMarket