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my last selfie for the month and year with a long braid-able hair.

holiday give away. from korea and bicol with remembrance.
thank you, officemates. :-)

major major summer decision.

i remember him telling us stories about daginding who went to the moon since he, the poor rat, mistaken the moon as cheese. i remember him being the responsible and trusted member of his family, and my mother. i remember him doing the household chores when we are having a vacation at pampanga. i am forever proud of him and to whatever gender preference he has. heart heart cousins.

without prior notice, the herd just passed.
are these cows? if yes, i felt like an Indian for a minute. #CowsAreSacred *om*

i really wanted to have a boy-cut hair but i don’t want to take a risk. so here’s a faux boy-cut updo. #summer #superluciasunnies


playing under the afternoon sun.

There is something about this picture that reminded me of a father. Not my father, but the society’s ideal romanticized notion of father. Boy looks up to his father.Follow his father’s footsteps and stay beside the shadows to measure if he’s man enough to be like his dad. 

Measure. What if I tell you that in measure there are pressure. When we measure man’s manliness we put them into these pressures that spoils them to act the way we perceived them. They succumb to these pressures that cause them defeat instead of growth.

Man. What does it mean to be a man? The one who offers you seat in a bus? In a train? Gentleman. The man who bring money inside the house? Provider. How about those men who serves breakfast in the morning? Prepare lunch and dinner? How about those men who do the dishes? How about those men who spent hours in front the mirror? In the bathroom?  How about those men who do the laundry of the family? How about not labeling man’s manliness?

Not because we can measure means we must. Not because there are standards we must follow. Standards are guide but not always meant to be followed.

What I have said is not that deeply related to the “innocently peaceful” picture, but the image caused me this feels that reminded me of gender and masculinity. 

look who went to ortigas :)

#catholic #jesus not sure if made from stained glasses.

work work work.

decorate your space. #officetable

The worst feeling that you can give yourself is to know and accept that you are not happy. For example, you woke up in the morning, opened your eyes, and felt that there is something heavy about you. The heaviness that is more than the pull of gravity, more than the force of your bed pulling you to sleep again, more than the weight of burden you carry everyday.

You know that there is something wrong but you just can’t name it. The worst feelings are not the one with names or with adjectives. The worst feelings are nameless, no labels. It is so heavy and so bad that you cannot recognize it. You can not give it a name. You can not call it.



gawd this is lawd



gawd this is lawd



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My problem is that I fall in love with words, rather than actions. I fall in love with ideas and thoughts, instead of reality. And it will be the death of me.


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