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So here’s the deal, make a poem then you’ll pass. Sounds easy right?


So this was my second proposal. A trash, a cliche. I'm a poet in the making. Chos!

Here’s the explanation why this was not accepted. 


A=B; Word=slaps; CLICHE

B=C; Slap= hard hand; PREDICTABLE

A=C ;Word= hard hand; STRONGER LINE (METAPHOR)

That was her explanation, and this was explained at criticize in the face of my classmates. Only a few knew that it was my poem being discussed. At first I was kinda diyahe. But it is all right since at least I know what to do next. 

Maam G. said that most of the beginners start their poem with a cliche then followed by a predictable line. 

So that’s it for today

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